Welcome to Orient Consultancy Pvt Ltd

A leading overseas education consultant, Orient International Study is the preferred choice for the serious student community of Nepal due to its quality authentic services and solutions, ethical and unbiased counseling, clear understanding with precision in the systems, operational excellence, result-oriented attitude, student friendly environment. With Orient International Study students are assured of transparent working policies, world-class processes, speed of execution and the power to stretch or counseling by leveraging the standards benchmarked with the best globally as well as innovating niche student centric solutions which Orient International Study has pioneered. The first priority for Orient International Study is Safety, Comfort and Career of the students. All our work is completely candid and we will get a nominal charge from the candidates.

Conveying the financial matters in detail and availing of all the probable solutions to rectify any hurdle if any in advance which saves a lot of time and money in the process. Each document is important and so the student should also understand its importance. Documenting in the most professional manner in order to let student have more doors open in the world and so that he can select among the best universities of the world.

Arrangement of admission letters in due course of time from the selected universities and providing updated information and communication on the same to the student. Ensuring smooth and hassle-free visa processing while providing him with all the essential requirements for visa according to the country applying to. Careful documentation with appropriate information ensures greater success. Upon visa grant, post landing services are provided which assures students of their safe landing along with medical insurance, accommodation arrangements, ticketing, money exchange formalities etc. Upon arrival to the destined country, we recommend students to attend the orientation program so that they get on with the daily routine with much ease.